Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Decapitator - part 1

This is an effort for me to be more creative in 2016, writing or drawing every day per my resolution to be a better me.  I don't even have an outline for this story, just something floating around in my grey matter that I was going to work through and polish every day.  More sketches and stuff to come as well, work on the fanzine continues as always; thinking about making it more of a book release that collects all my fanzine work.  I also wanted to become more confident as a creative writer, try to get my feet wet and test the waters for a bit.  I have to apologize too, because if I knew a lot of people were reading this I probably wouldn't post the way I do, but with such a limited audience I feel like these stream of conscious kind of posts will do fine.

The Decapitator - pt. 1

The Krath awoken from their hundred years of slumber, under their blankets of ice, from their tombs eternal, in the hollowed chambers of the world, and arose to seal the apocalypse of man.  Alien creatures bitterly battled for survival against the primate kings of the world, with all of their toys and mechanical wonders they failed utterly, and the great kingdom of man crumbles into the dust of time.  The world is awash in monster blood; baptizing the arrival of the new order.  Subhuman leagues arise out of the evolutionary muck and nuclear fallout of the end war.

The few human survivors are primal, driven by animal desire, tribal, given to superstition and flights of fantasy.  Slowly the old world is forgotten by slow minds focused on merely existing and continuing to exist; the natural order takes grip once more.  Sated by their destruction, engorged on the dead, the Krath return to their dens of celestial slumber; secure in the knowledge that they washed away all trace of the slave race of man.

The throne of the world sits empty, but not for long; vampire and the brethren of the night, thought extinct during the dark age of man, emerge on to the landscape once more to stake claim.  Witches and warlocks, werewolves and creatures of unspeakable horror emerge from their subterranean domain; from a calculated comatose until the world of man ended.  Thousands of years of history drawn to a sliver, the extinction of the offspring of the Krath was nigh, driven to the edge of extinction by human hunters bearing the crossed sticks of sacrifice, so a plan was made and a pact was sealed in blood.  The vampires went to sleep in their cages of eternal darkness, across the cemeteries and forgotten places of the world, until their very nature was treated as myth as memory fades.