Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Decapitator chapter 1 part 4

Borrow animal hides hang from their skeletal frames, legs obscured, they float through the dead lands like furry apparitions.  Their language stripped of all unnecessary prompt and frill, grinded down to the essential components, animalistic grunts and monkey chitters.  Tools made of stone; bows of sinew and raw hide.  The arrival of the Krath signaled the end of the illusion of civilized man.  The dream is dead.     
The vampires, lycanthropes and shape shifters rose from their musty tombs and set forth with making the world as they remembered it during their golden age, before the long sleep.  Victorian style monoliths rose in a fort night, slave construction held under the warm glow of the crimson moon, labyrinths tunneled through mountain stone, refuge against the hot burn of daylight.  Thousands of subhuman slaves toil with rough hands and empty hearts to realize the nightmare dream of the awoken vampire legion.

All across the globe forgotten things arise from the empty spaces.  The dog headed tribe of the Amazon, the witches of Antarctica, the subterranean frog men of New York, the dragon hybrids of Eastern Asia and stone golems of the Middle East, all manner of strange creature that have not suffered under the burning light of day for centuries, cross the globe in plain sight, unashamed, naked.  The night tribes return; ancient politics re-forged, ancient feuds find new foothold.  The werewolf tribes declare a bloody civil war.  Tooth and claw, savagery rules the land.