Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Decapitator - chapter 1 part 5

Part 5 –

Before the long sleep the vampire children of the world faced utter oblivion.  Fear had driven the cattle to retaliate under the guise of the holy cross; the sin of greed had corrupted the delicate balance between hunter and prey.  Certain vampires drank too deep, indulged too greatly, and had risen suspicion amongst the sheep, a great fear that lead to the trampling of the night tribes under a tidal wave of the man herd.  After centuries of safe co-existence the vampiric race found themselves questioning their very survival.  The modern world had too many eyes; the disease of human expansion had grown, bloated, wild and unkempt, like a garden in need of hedge clippers.  The safety of shadows was waning; only the dusty sanctuary of the grave and tombs offered some hope of reprieve, but not for all of night’s creatures.  Many vampires were impaled and desecrated while in deep rest, the long sleep; many bloodlines that have existed since the dawn of ape sentience wantonly severed in the name of the lamb god.

The long sleep, the return to darkness and dream, a cunning plan to out stride race memory, to outlive the terrible legends of their own design, and arise anew upon a world free of Christ-man and people-think; this was the plan concocted by the elite and purebloods.  To retreat below the ground with the dead and forgotten, find solace in the empire of rot as the extinction clock for mankind winds down to zero.  

 While interred in their punctuated rest the vampire finds itself precariously weak and vulnerable to grave robbery, bandits, and other ghoulish endeavors.  The slow imperceptible drift of sand and rock can imprison a vampire in his or her tomb for all eternity, the coffin land locked, like a dead seed, never to bloom.  Precautions were needed to ensure the vampire culture could persist well after the fingerprint of man was eroded from the land.  They would need the grave dogs.