Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Decapitator - chapter 1 part 6

Part 6

Loyal protectors and stalwart sentinels of the tomb, the grave dogs were the result of an ancient black magic that would enslave the victim, ensnaring their thoughts and bending their desires to one purpose; protect their sleeping undead masters.  These graveyard warriors would stand guard over their vampire lords, a waking nightmare of transmogrified flesh, protecting against any foreign invader.  Their skin a pale reflection of moon light, their eyes give a faint crimson glow from the necro-slime imbued in their being.  Grave dogs have given rise to legends of the un-killable serial killer backwoods slashers of the past. Patrolling sleepy campsites for human meat to mutilate, suffering grievous injury but never stopping, these monsters made flesh protected the hidden crypts and sarcophagi of their deterred masters as they wait out the long sleep.  While most vampires deliberately placed their resting places far from the sprawl of society there have still been occurrences over the ages where ignorant wanderers stumble on to grave dog territory and are promptly eviscerated for their trespass.
Grave Dogs have been mistaken for Bigfoot and Sasquatch in the remote and empty places of the world, almost every culture has some familiarity with them but few can guess at their true purpose; steadfast protection of the undead.  Their sense of identity and past life erased by the torturous and shocking means of transforming a mortal into a grave dog; it is said that grave dogs are typically fierce enemies of their eventual vampire master during life, forced to serve them for all eternity after death as a sadistic revenge.  During the dark ages hundreds of grave dogs were employed by vampire warlocks from all around the old country, most were ghoul hunters or town executioners who fell upon the vampire’s malice.