Friday, January 22, 2016

The Decapitator Chapter 1 part 2

Then they emerge onto this world to a new dawn, drawn up from their sleeping places by the sudden dead silence of the land above.  No more footsteps walking over your grave, bipedal travel nearly wiped out.  Now things crawl about on their bellies and breasts, things the vampires had not seen since before the coming of man when the world was ripe with green.  This is greeted with jubilation, for the time of man has passed into the time of monsters and magic. 

The Krath, beings so ancient and powerful that they uproot from time itself, space fluxes around their gaze, their minds complex and eternal, stretched across the stars, their magic terrifying, as they weaken the fabric of the universe itself to allow for the improbable.  Demons, Cyclops, radical mutations of every kind, all spawned from the Krath’s many loins.  The Krath bend the rules of logic beyond the breaking point to serve their needs.  The Krath are both eternal and have never existed.  They are beings of duality, existing in the realm of the quantum, but appearing large enough to overtake a city.  Their scales and tentacles are without description, shifting in fluidity that defies human words and familiarity.

The Krath are ancient, their lives counted in millennia.  Their fleshly knots of translucent skin and scales are indescribable by the tongue of men.  The Krath have communicated to men through the centuries through nightmares and visions of horror; their colossal minds overlap our own, can swallow ego whole.

Once there was unending darkness and silence, the universe was empty and black.  Then the intrusion of light, chasing the Krath to the edge of space time where they went into hibernation, exhausted.  Jealous eyes observed the emerging humans from the deep night.  Their very thoughts offend the Krath, too loud and impish.  The idea came to all at once, possess the humans when civilization matured; this slave race the Krath can easily overtake if not for the blinding light, the burning purity that has intruded on their dimension of eternal slumber and absolute zero.