Friday, June 13, 2014

Halloween blu-ray box set art revealed!

G.I. Jason v2 from Fright-Rags

My girfriend got me this shirt for today; a woman after my own shriveled up petrified black heart.  I love that it's Jason from part VII.  TINA!

Friday the 13th OST cover from Waxwork Records

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Only DEATH is real.

Just saying.

Halloween Complete Box Set is coming!

HELL YEAH!  I really hope there are a lot of cool extras.  There will be some double dipping here for me but I am too big of a Halloween fan nerd to let this pass!

Pre-order from Amazon

Art dump 06/08/14

More art for the fanzine....

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!  I have been sketching up a blood storm preparing the new slice of sleaze for mass consumption.