Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mutant AKA Forbidden World


An unrepentant and  shameless Alien rip-off; raw, ugly, sleazy, cheap, all these words have been used to describe Forbidden World, AKA MUTANT to the VHS faithful.  To the gorehound elite this movie is a creature feature staple; a smothering landslide of cheese and gore and strange electronica.  Every cinema sicko worth his or her weight in slime has waded through the cesspool of Forbidden World and comes out the other end loving every dirty minute of it.

The premise is simple, Mike Cody, intergalactic troubleshooter, is hired to destroy “Subject 20” a mutated beast originally conceived to battle the galactic food crisis, now it turns people into food.  Oh the irony.  The scientist who created it wants it subdued and not terminated, but his position loses ground when he leaves the strange beast in the care of poor Jimmy, who does what anyone would do when asked to keep watch over a strange and potentially dangerous experimental mutant; he sticks his face right next to it.  Subject 20 attacks Jimmy’s dumb head, blood flies everywhere covering security cameras and painting the ceiling red as Jimmy hysterically spazzes out, smashing through beakers and lab equipment with reckless abandon.  It doesn’t make any sense but it’s fun to watch.  Soon the hunt for the mutant is on.

It’s discovered that the mutant “meta-morph” doesn’t actually kill its victims outright, but slowly dissolves their DNA into a primitive protein paste for consumption, lending some groovy flesh cocoon practical FX to the proceeding.  What Mutant lacks in plot and logic it more than makes up in boobs and gore FX.  Mike Cody takes a break from chasing the creature to bone a scientist in a rather gratuitous soft core sex scene scored by what sounds like a space flute; later the two female scientists decide to have a half-naked shower together to discuss trying to communicate with the monster.  I always come up with my best plans while washing a women’s hair in the shower, helps me think, especially if I can see their boobs.  Spoiler; their attempt to woo to the creature does not end well for them.

In the gory goo slathered pinnacle of the movie Cody defeats the mutant by ripping a cancerous liver out of one of the scientists and force feeding it to the monster.  The impromptu surgery is performed with a box cutter and without anesthesia; ouch.  The camera work is a little dicey during the final battle with the mutant, seems like Cody is just bumping into the giant rubber monster with his bare chest; a true man fights strange alien creatures from space without his shirt on.  Out of all of the shameless Alien rip offs I’ve napped though this one takes the top of the heap for me.