Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Creature (1985)

Creature –

“I see you like guns…what else do you like?”

I found Creature in a bin full of VHS movies at the local flea market.  I paid 5 dollars for front row tickets to a Klaus Kinski freak out fest in space. I regret nothing.    

Creature is a shameless rip off of Alien, but that doesn’t hamper Klaus Kinski’s crazy fervor on screen, which was the best thing about this movie, other than the space zombies, exploding heads, and a brief boob shot.  In the near future all  galactic resources are fought over by two major companies, one from the east, one from the west; carrying  cold war rivalry  from Earth into space beyond.  Never mind this nonsense; none of it makes a difference when a group of German researchers discover an ancient alien menagerie on Titan and one of the  creatures wakes up and begins implanting people with mind controlling parasites, creating space zombies to do its bidding.  A rescue team is sent when they receive a distress signal from the Titan outpost, discovering the only survivor of the attack is crazy Klaus Kinski who rambles on about the creature’s “collective conscious”.   The rescue team tangos with the grisly undead zombies being spawned by the creature, and when all seems lost a well-placed drop kick saves the day.  Decent blood and practical zombie gore effects, torn throats, gore; worth spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with if you’re into shameless Alien rip-offs from the 80’s.  I am.