Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meanwhile at the GARTH MANOR....


Gothic style horror seen through a pair of pink 80’s shades; Hell Night blends classic spook house freaks with the modern horror show creeps. Hell Night launches with one of the most kinetic parties to ever grace the silver screen. Hundreds of people fill the screen, energy off the charts, chugging beer, crashing cars, spraying shaving cream, and getting down to disco like nobodies business. I think I even spotted a goldfish doing keg stands. This rip roaring block party is all in celebration of “Hell Night”, a night where the college co-ed pledges stick it through a night at Garth Manor battling a bad case of the willies. Little beknownst to the frat pledges the old, creaky mansion is still inhabited by a big mongoloid “Gork” looking to turn these party monkeys into chunks. Pray for day indeed! Keeping it simple and dripping with atmosphere, Hell Night is a sure-fire repeat watch for slash heads looking for another classic fix. Linda Blaire is there (uncharacteristically bearing nothing), but holding it down on the acting front along with a Californian surfer type guy, an English party girl, and the typical preppy slasher movie good guy (who takes a deep dive after revealing he once saw a real elf, kind of like Dan Haggerty, except his career took the dive). The mansion has all sorts of hidden passageways and secret chambers, giving ole Gork-o plenty of places to jump out at his prey and the film makes plenty of room for dime store scares. Hell Night might not peg anyone’s top horror movie list, but it’s got enough cheesy charm to keep me coming back. Did you know that, dressed as Robin Hood, it is plausible to steal a shotgun from the police station, unnoticed? Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it!