Monday, February 14, 2011

My BLOODY Valentine Day!

In celebration of the film My Bloody Valentine and the holiday the crypt keeper took a long overdue trip to treacherous Howe Caverns in upstate NY. There was no Harry Warden to be found in the winding subterranean passages of the cavern but there were plenty of dark passages for the madman miner to hide and plan his next attack! There was even a glowing, heart shaped rock in the cave, back lit by neon red, an eerie, tenuous connection to the film, but very cool none the less.

More slasher-themed holidays and ghostly hang outs are on the crispy crypt keeper's agenda in the hide your women, lock up the cattle, board away the children, and shuck the sheep...the crypt keeper could be making his rotten way to a town near you soon!