Friday, June 21, 2019

Laurie Strode coming back?

Halloween 2 rumors are rearing their ugly head, I'm very much down with a sequel but I am not sure I want it to focus on Laurie, again.  Why not just have Michael move to a new town to stalk babysitters that remind him of Judith?  Jamie Lee Curtis seems to go in circles about whether is will be her "final final" Halloween movie; to be honest I'm not her biggest fan and am kind of sick of seeing her in these.  She seems to say contradictory things all the time in interviews when she isn't trying to speak over writers and directors and doesn't seem to have the best things to say about the fan base; actively avoiding horror conventions for most of her career alluding to die-hard slasher fans as weirdos.  But I do want to see Michael stalk and slash again, I don't feel like the last movie was a good send off for the character, they left a huge "exit right" for him....

Check out the latest news:
Bleeding Cool H2 news

Halloween fans, it may be time to get excited all over again. It is being reported that the sequel to last years smash hit Halloween will go in front of cameras this fall for an October 2020 release. It is also being said that David Gordon Green will likely again direct from his own script, with Jamie Lee Curtis coming back as Laurie Strode, along with Judy Greer and Andi Matichak as her daughter and granddaughter. The film would be another co-production between Universal and Blumhouse.