Thursday, June 27, 2019

Digital Slashers...

Jumping back into Friday the 13th and starting Dead by Daylight again.  I feel like I've been missing out on the party, Friday the 13th has been polished a lot since I last logged in, there was no offline mode at all.  I have been having fun exploring all the offline content there, it feels more cinematic and encompassing, can't wait to get warmed up enough to jump back to the online rooms.  Anybody want to play?  I'm on PS4 as CPLCHUD, hit me up sometime if you see me stalking online.  I would like to get a regular room for Friday the 13th going every Friday night for anybody who is down. 

Yup I got the Savini skin, pre-ordered this game years ago for the kick-starter campaign, totally worth it.