Monday, April 8, 2013

Upcoming movies 2013, Cropsy's Cryptkeeper's watch list...

Here is a quick mad dash list of the flicks your faithful cryptkeeper is keeping his blood shot eye on this year:

You're Next looks like a mix of The Strangers and Haute Tension/Switchblade Romance.  I hope it's more of the later without any reality altering twists at the end.  I like the earth tone color pallete from the trailer I saw; reminds me of that 70's asthetic that I seem drawn to time to time, and it looks violent and brutal as all heck. 

Blood Runs Cold is already out on DVD and Boo-ray; but I figured I'd list it as it is a movie I'd love to oggle.  Norwegian slashers have not disappointed me as of yet.  I get a big Cold Prey vibe from this and I have a thing for snowbound slashers, being surround by snow most of the year probably plays a big part in that.  Count me in elbow deep; might blind buy this bad boy.

Although I am honestly completely over remakes/rehashes/and re-do's Maniac looks like a true cinema killer.  I love the trailer and electric neon/black contrast look of the film and the atmospheric pop soundtrack.  I've heard a lot of positive buzz for this one and as the original Maniac is one of those dirty little flicks I can't help but eat up I am very interested in this little rehash, although I suspect it's the last remake I throw money at for a while.

The Conjuring looks like a competent little ghost story with 70's style pacing and atmosphere, a slow burn of creeps and freaks.  Although I feel like these have become kind of faux pas in the last couple years, a bit well overdone if you will, I am willing to trust in the director of Insidious to keep me on my slime encrusted toes for this one.

And last but not least Eli Roth's Green Inferno, because it's been a while since I sat down for a good ole fashioned cannibal holocaust.  It looks like a good year for the horror hound.  Stay creepy folks!