Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cropsy Christmas Cookie

Hey ghouls, hope all you sewer sucking urchins are having a splendid holiday season.  I got a Cropsy Christmas cookie the other day from a great fan which tickled me silly, and like a good kindergardener I thought I'd share before devouring it post haste. 

  Upcoming movie reviews should include the rare 80's Christmas slasher gem Blood Beat!  I just got the VHS rip in the mail and cannot wait to unwrap it for Chrismas time!  
If anybody was following my Facebook page I didn't suddenly decide to "unfriend" or block you, just thought I would take it off line for a bit until I have more material for the fanzine.  That's right, next year another fantabulous fanzine will hit the rack at your local curios shop.  This year was kind of hectic with the crypt move and other things so it took a brief hiatus, but by the next fall season expect another issue of the slasher fanzine that refuses to die, where the bodycount will never end, tentavely titled CROPSY'S CRYPT: CROPSY LIVES!