Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Welcome to Black Pond tours…if you’ve never been to Black Pond before please allow me to explain a little history about this cursed land.  IN 1692, during the peak of the witch hunting, a women said to be possessed by Satan himself was tied to a cross and drowned in this murky pond, cursing all future occupants of the land as she disappeared below the murky waters.  Ever since then there has been an innumerable amount of cases of strange, unexplainable occurrences….a local prankster found cut in half…his friend’s mutilated head found in a nearby microwave….a priest eviscerated by a seemingly possessed saw blade…a family found dead…ravaged by some unseen force…faces petrified in an eternal undying gaze of pure horror…all in that house over yonder.

So many missing people...folks who wander into Black Pond…ignorant or too callous to believe the legends….never to return…

It is said a creature rises from the bog and mire at night.  The scaly green apparition is always described by witnesses as being cloaked in dark robes…the only visible feature its long, writing reptilian fingers topped with sharp, beastly talons.  Some say it’s the old witch…cursed to walk the eternal twilight between life and death…heaven and hell…undead…unstoppable in its unholy service of Satan…

Superstition is a supernatural, ghostly terror tale with gore show glam.  The movie depicts an increasingly powerful and terrifying force in its pursuit in annihilating any living being foolish enough to trespass the land around Black Pond.   The forces of good seem woefully unprepared to deal with the evil poltergeist that repeatedly attacks the residence around Black Pond, specifically the people who live in the mansion near the pond, a recently refurnished dwelling provided by the church, who rent it out as “a matter of economics”. Ignoring the warnings of the hermit-like caretaker, the priests ironically dismiss her as a superstitious old coot, the sheriff blames the mysterious murders on the hermit’s retarded son, but when a golden cross is removed from the grounds, and the evil force seemingly intensifies, one young priest thinks there might be more to her DUH! 

Superstition is a curious, watered down blend of visceral punch of The Omen, the psychological terror of The Exorcist, and gobs of hot liquid Velveeta.  The soundtrack is a few Casio keyboard strokes away from The Exorcist theme, but the movie plays more like a blood soaked slasher film with a ghost, where some people might grace the screen for a few precious moments before facing a brutal end at the hands of the witch, who is pretty much established as invincible.  Between the priests, the alcoholic, cowardly father, his bitchy daughter “Your decisions so right…your will soooo strong”, and the rest of the listless cast there isn’t much hope to overcome this minion of Satan, but you got to ask, why not just high tail out of town?  It’s no surprise that in the end the creature’s power intensifies to a point that nobody is able to survive…God…a little help here?  I love on any horror movie where evil ekes out a win in the end.