Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Saturday the 14th

Saturday the 14th is a hooky time killer, great for a hung-over pizza laden Sunday.  None of the jokes are actually funny, nothing sticks, but for some reason I can't tear myself away from its cheap basement budget charm.  It reminds me of Scooby-Do meets The Spookies.  They kind of toss in as many rubber monsters and dime store vampires as they can to spice things up a bit, which is fine by this monster kid.  I get the feeling that the writers are from the same pool of talent as the people behind Return of the Killer Tomatoes.  The jokes kind of land the same, all lame.  This is really some next level goofy nonsense, but it's the 80's so nobody really gives a damn, just have fun with it.  It centers around a family that moves into an old haunted mansion.  The son accidentally unleashes a monster Armageddon from an ancient book of evil that prophesies Saturday the 14th as the end of the world.  Despite the movie having a kind of wholesome family quality to it there is some gore centering around the creatures tearing people to pieces mostly off screen.  It was actually kind of shocking to see any blood in this; it could have easily screened on television as part of a fun Saturday morning marathon for kids.  I would recommend if you are in the mood for some serious cheese: