Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Ranger - 2018

THE RANGER is another retro friendly entry into slasherdom; a CANDY COATED PUNK EXPLOTATION SLID SNUGGLY INto A SLAStastic  TEMPLATE, another eighties throwback that does it right.  THE LEAD CHARACTER AND FINAL GIRL IS EMBEDDED IN THE PUNK CULTURE OF FAST MUSIC, FASHION, AND DRUGS, but a drug bust gone sideways sends her and her wannabe rocker gang deep into the woods, where they encounter the enigmatic RANGER; a blue blood by the books backwoods badass determined to keep city filth off his mountain.  the ranger also shares a mysterious past with the main character, a tragic moment from her childhood that she can barely remember through a blurry haze drugs and partying.  The ranger deadpans esoteric government code and regulation while cutting the fashion punks into ribbons for his revered mountain wolves to devour.  He wants the girl with the pink hair to remember that she is a wolf too, wild and deadly and just like him she has a hidden dark side waiting to howl out in pure animistic blood-lust, to revel and embrace the violence of the wild world.  after all, Wolves recognize wolves.

The ranger was shown before Halloween in imax, with the frontman from the rock band in the film giving a brief intro, delving into the punk roots of the film and how he got involved.  The film is very pretty, neon pink and blue highlights, some decent bloody bits and one liners; its sure to engage anyone that has ever delved into the punk scene and enjoys the marriage between horror and hard rock.