Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Void

The Void is a movie that proudly displays its influences on its sleeve; part The Beyond, part Re-Animator, part Prince of Darkness, this movie owes a lot to the gonzo horror classics of the 80's, however the story doesn't seem to really gel, seemingly critical details are left unanswered or entirely up to the viewers interpretation of alluded off screen events involving cult ritual and discoveries about life beyond death.  In the end it is a movie that has some great visuals and bloody practical FX with an emphasis on the splatter, but a dodgy story that comes off better when considered as a fevered nightmare rather than a logical progression of events; which is fine by me.  The ending was certainly a riff off of Fulci's classick The Beyond, where the protagonist are left somewhere beyond death; whether it be heaven, hell, or somewhere in between is entirely up to the viewer.