Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Strange Case of Madame Web part 3

But Clarissa died silently screaming in the dark at what she found at the bottom of the old well.  Her mind could barely comprehend such a creature, the mummified remains of a giant.  And it moved and spoke to her in her mind; each thought nails on the chalk board.  It’s intelligence old and reptilian.  The treasure clutched to his chest, the promise it made, all a dark lie.  It promised to grant her wish, just like the old fairy tales.  Clarissa could hardly resist; I never want to be lonely again.  The mummy never moved, but its rictus grin grew wide in Clarissa’s minds eye.  A cold blanket of air drew over her, she screamed but no sound came out, she could feel her heart beating wildly, threatening to burst from her ribs, then the dark.  Her wish was granted.