Friday, June 5, 2015

New Scream Mask

New Scream mask for the MTV series.  Rumor is they will be paying direct homage to Friday the 13th in this new series.  That's cream cheese with me.

See below for a quick shot of a mongoloid from the trailers that is supposedly one of the killers.  With Scream though, nothing is ever as it seems so we will just have to wait and find out.  I'm glad they are moving away from the characters in the movies, the last Scream was fun but it proved the old mainstays have kind of worn out their stay.  Scream as more of a homage to slasher movies in general is more keeping with the original.  The sequels began to self parody, which is the death spasms of a franchise IMO.
On a more personal front I am still planning on coming out with another fanzine.  Work is slowly coming along.  I feel like there really isn't any interest in it, so as a hobby I just kind of take my time.  Plus I took a little break from B-rated trash for a while to focus on post apocalyptic wastelander shit.  I mean, there really hasn't been a lot going on, but there is always tons of trash to delve through, I just needed to catch a breath.  You may see this blog getting more B-rated trash oriented and not just slasher focused.  I do plan on getting the fanzine itself out around October.  Will see; I'm also starting a new crazy workout regime next week because I feel like a pile of mush.  So far I definitely have enough review and art material, but I might make it a special extra sized thing that has my old reviews/art included as well.  I just want it to feel slam packed with gore and guts and all that fun stuff. I am also back on Facebook as well under my real name.  I will be checking the CC page for any messages or new fanzine requests, but you are better off messaging me directly if you want a copy, or better yet trade me something!