Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nightmare on Elm Street Art from interwebs

Time for some "Nightmare on Elm Street" action to kick off the season of rot.  I've been sketching up a storm, hoping to fill the next fanzine with prime time slime for your consumption.  Hope all you ghouls are snug in your catacombs, waiting to unleash HELL on HALLOW'S EVE!   I particularly like the picture from the NOES NES video game.  I have fond memories of that little devil.  Maybe I'll pound through the NES version of Friday the 13th next and review that in the next zine.  I've got that puppy down in the crypt, I give it a go when my hands aren't busy sketching gore and zombie bull shit, or doing daily worker bee stuff like pay my god damn bills and taxes, cause freedom isn't free!