Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bates Motel Season 2 - 2014

I can't wait.  The first season was a creepy funhouse ride with lunatic personalities with insane twists and turns and a heavy dose of the macabre.  It doesn't jive with the original Psycho cannon with IPOOPS and the interwebs; some character names are lifted and used for entirely different characters in this run and the town itself plays much more of a role in the overall plot.  It has more of a rainy Twin Peaks kind of vibe going on where everything isn't as it appears and the pristine and clean are really filthy black on the inside.  The atmosphere is suffocating dread, Norma and her poor boy Norman can never seem to catch a break.  You get the sense that their creepy relationship is more out of necessity; both characters cling to each other life vests in a turbulent sea of tragedy.  Norman will do anything to protect his mother and his mother will do anything to survive which is a recipe for disaster.  Of course their reactions to every situation only exasperates the direness of each escalating event, like an unfolding flower of destruction, devouring everyone in its wake, but that's the stuff drama is made of; human imperfection and the way we let our hearts guide us into strange places and often tragic places.  Or something.  Oh yeah, there's burning people too.