Thursday, September 12, 2013

Don't Go to the Reunion - review

Don’t Go to the Reunion –

Don’t Got to the Reunion is a celebration of the slasher genre; a killer party of radical references and call outs to old slasher greats like Home Sweet Home, Friday the 13th Part2, and of course Slaughter High.  The movie definitely wears its influence on its sleeve but manages to have an identity all its own.  With a bigger budget this movie would have been the Scream 4 that Scream 4 was trying to be.  The film maker’s love for the genre seems genuine and palpable throughout the film, but never seemed over bearing to me.  The acting and story is exactly what is to be expected from a retro stalk and slash deal; the party animal, the nerd, the preppy girl, are all to be found here along with the black gloved killer.  Out of all the retro slasher movies coming out recently Don’t Go to the Reunion stands out as one of the best efforts and will fit snuggly in my collection of movies next to the likes of Prom Night and Killer Party.  I didn’t want to dive too deep into this film out of fear of spoiling some of its finer points, I just wanted to spray that you can do a lot worse than Don’t Go to the Reunion; check it out if you have even a passing appreciation of the genre.