Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NECA Friday the 13th part 3

Many dark blessings upon NECA.  They've put a stranglehold on my wallet for years and I love them for it.  All these new Nightmare on Elm Street toys have rocked my world and every Fred-head fan freak need, but I wanted some Jason loving too.  Lo and behold a new Jason 3 toy, complete with head wound and slick with the red stuff.  I've pre-ordered beast being the stunted growth mental midget that gets a thrill from this kind of schitck. 

The movie this week, and you can probably guess it you little sleuth you, is Friday the 13th part 3.  I've been getting my senses shocked by a new dimension in terror and Shelly.  Ive earned more appreciation of the movie over the years.  I considered it only a trash vehicle to push the new 3-D technology in the 80's, a cheap gimmick of a Jason film that didn't really fit, but that was only for a little bit, that was before my special frontal lobe operation.  I don't really think that any more.  I think it gets out-shined by parts 2 and the Final Chapter, but it does have some great things going for it.  Jason is particularly nasty in this, his little creepy smile at the end when he pulls himself from the noose always curdled my blood and I liked the cast, even though they were pretty big assholes to Rick.  Poor old country boy Rick.  He was really put in a tight squeeze.  And let's not forget Shelly.  He's a ball of teenage frustration and awkwardness; in some ways one of the most horrifying parts of the film.  I'll be watching this triple threat of terror all week.....