Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A dark day descends on the city.  The sky opens and bleeds its tears upon the weary.  It's time to leave the dregs of urban society.  It's time to escape the stench of the city landscape and its rich aroma of human feces and sweaty desperation.  Cropsy's Cryptkeeper seeks a new tomb...the search continues...

Meanwhile I've been watching Halloween 2, and noticing new things each time, even on the billionth approximate viewing, I see something new.  This week I caught Myers passing a trick or treater dressed as the grim reaper.  The irony in Halloween 2 is thick.  It's thick with treats and tricks and death.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I can almost smell the sickly sweat scent of October approaching.  But first we have a summer to look for to...hopefully I find a new camp soon, new killing grounds, a new Blackfoot...

Also on the regular rotation is Exorcist 3.  It frayed my nerves as a kid and I've been addicted since.  Part supernatural horror, part slasher pinache, part hard boiled detective pulp, Exorcist 3 fires on all cylinders, all spewing pea soup and blood.  I love it and mark it as a personal favorite.  One of the darkest films ever, with so many great lines and some utterly fantastic performances. 

Recently purchased some pine green coveralls.  If it was socially acceptable, actually scratch that I couldn't care less what's socially acceptable, if my job allowed it I would wear coveralls all the time.  For the Halloween purist in me I had to pick the same color coveralls as THE SHAPE.  And that's right, they're green, not blue.  Now all I need are the green socks.