Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrong Turns

What’s up rippers?  Thought I’d try posting more off the bloody cuff stuff.  I’ve recently revisited the brand “nu” generic backwoods slasher Wrong Turn; a movie that proves once again that the old tropes of stalk and slash can still scare up a few screams.  The setup is exactly the same you come to expect from its 70’s and 80’s grindhouse kin; a group of hip-to-be-square strangers get lost in the wilds of West Virginia and are hunted by giggling, jibbering mad inbred cannibals hankering for some Gucci stew.  For those that still haven’t seen it Wrong Turn doesn’t desecrate any new ground, but that doesn’t seem to hamper the spinal snapping pace of the movie any.  The inbred cannibals emulate a sense of deadly ferociousness; they demonstrate superior bow and trapping skills, keeping the danger level high for the fresh faced would-be victims, and the attacks come suddenly and sometimes without warning, keeping the audience sufficiently rattled.  Even after seeing this a few times I still jump at certain points where, like an arrow to the face, the ultra-violence seems to explode on the screen out of nowhere to wrench your guts.  I haven’t seen Wrong Turn for a while, but it really is one of the better “nu wave” slasher yarns with its guts in the right place (it was written by stalk and slash fan Alan McElroy, the same writer of Halloween 4) and some notorious and really creative kill scenes.  I recently received Wrong Turn 4 from a super cool someone, which has me kind of amped being as it is a snowbound slasher…..I hope it’s good….fingers and severed limbs crossed!