Monday, August 9, 2010

CROPSY'S CRYPT ish 0 slithers out of the void!

Hey you blood thirsty chicken-heads,
it's Madman Marz come all the way out
of his secluded forest lair to deliver
a special message to us slashfreaks!!!


You hear that shit? Sounds like CROPSY'S CRYPT has emerged from the nether realms to reek havoc on your frontal lobe! 20 plus pages of wretched filth, from slasher and b-flix reviews to secret cannibal meatloaf recipes, it should have enough for any self respecting ghoul or slasher fan to enjoy on the can.

Pink, yellow, and "sawdust" shit brown, for those instances you would like to wipe ole CROPSY's CRYPTKEEPER's opinion all over you ass.

Plum full of trashy goodness. Each copy will run you 2 dollars and 50 cents or any wild and wacky trade you can think of.

Interested? Email me: