Wednesday, June 14, 2017

NECA 40th Anniversary Leatherface figure

I'm a huge fan of NECA.  I have an entire shelf dedicated to displaying their series of movie maniacs and monsters and aliens and everything cool in between.  I pulled the trigger and bought the 40th Anniversary Leatherface toy yesterday, and am very happy with it.  The details on the toy itself are stellar, the mold is very movie accurate.  It certainly beats the pants off my old McFarlane Movie Maniacs Leatherface toy that is brown and tar covered from smoke damage.  I had a huge fire a while back, all of my bazillion movies were melted, all my stuff was destroyed, but some how Leatherface made it through.  I'm glad I can finally replace him on the shelf.

The packaging is top notch, the movie poster will never lose its shock value and the way it opens to the infamous Sawyer house background is great.  I love that it perfectly encapsulates the first time we see Leatherface on screen.  The toy comes with the alternative "cook" head and various weapons deployed by Leatherface in the film, like a meat clever and sledge hammer and of course the chain saw.  It is probably the most realistic toy chainsaw I've ever seen.  Lots of small details.  I love the cloth quality of his apron and the way it really ties in the back.  His bone bracelet was a nice touch as well, no detail is over looked.  Seriously a bad ass toy, last Leatherface I'll probably ever get until they release a worthy version of the last suit he wears in the film while doing the chainsaw dance.

If you see this and are thinking of grabbing it I would get it while the getting is good.  I've seen it already go for over 100 bucks on ebay, which is typical for these toys.