Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year ghouls!  2015 is coming up all Cropsy's Crypt.  Still sending out the old magazine to some unlucky kiddies out there, a new magazine is on the horizon, more trash than ever to sift through, it should be a good one.  I might be changing the format to more Creepy/Eerie flipside kind of thing, where one side of the fanzine will be pure slasher goodness and the other will be total cheese sci-fi; the stuff I loved as a kid that no one ever talks about like the Ice Pirates or Space Invaders or The Incredible Melting Man.  Dohler is a spacegod.  You dig?  Maybe not but I am thinking of trying my hand with some of that.  I will always love the stalk and slash movies though and this will always be primarily a place for that....anyways just some off hand musing hope your crypt is nice and warm for 2015. 

Speaking of Scream television series on the horizon that might actually be fun, more talk of Halloween and Friday the 13th sequels and television series.....let's see what she brings...