Friday, October 31, 2014


Still working on new fanzine which should be a whopper.  I am being very fussy about this one because I want it to be really good.  If anybody is wondering why I am off Facebook it's so I can concentrate my time here and on the fanzine and not checking on what people had for lunch.  I will return when this beast is done.  I am thinking about combining all the old reviews with new art and stuff to make for one massive new fanzine loaded to the gills with gore.  There is some stuff from my first two fanzines "Sewercuse Diegest" that I wanted to include in Cropsy's Crypt.  I was also seeing if I could recover some stuff lost in a fire but that might be gone to the void forever.  Unfortunately I couldn't swing the new rag before the holiday with work and life and just keeping myself happy, but will let you all know when it is closer to completion.  It WILL definitely happen!  Hope you all are having a great Halloween!  Time for some movies...