Thursday, June 20, 2013

Help Kickstart new slasher movie HAPPY EASTER!

Please follow the link to help contribute to a new slasher movie project HAPPY EASTER:

Kickstarter for HAPPY EASTER

A message from Joseph Henson

My (nearly) lifelong friend and I have been active on genre websites/podcasts and the horror convention circuit for years. We've met hundreds of B-movie celebrities, we've analyzed the genre in and out and practically to death (no pun intended), and we feel we have the know-how to create, essentially, a FUN, no-pretense, no-delusions of grandeur slasher thriller - teens go to isolated location, teens get stalked by a killer in a garish costume, teens die. There is nothing more simple than the slasher film and, in the right hands, nothing more fun. Happy Easter, we hope, will be a throwback to times when characters weren't obnoxious twits, editing/direction wasn't shaky-cam/strobe-flash nonsense, and suspense reigned supreme. Oh, and there's just gotta be a lengthy cat and mouse chase scene involved; that's a given.

We are reaching out to the horror community in hopes of raising enough money to get this dream project up and running. We have the technical know-how, we know what does and does not work in a slasher film, we even have a location locked in - but above all, we want our audience to have as much fun watching teens die, one by one, as we did bumping them off (er, in pretend cinema fashion, of course).


Every pledge helps. If you are unable to pledge but want to see this project come to life, please, by all means, forward this to every Tom, Dick and Harry you know.


Thank you, and hopefully, the Easter Bunny Butcher will be seeing you soon!