Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Murderous musing...Kenny Hampson part 2

Continued from prior murderous musing, more crazy quips about Kenny Hampson and other things pertaining to TERROR TRAIN!

Kenny was quite the sneaky snake in his reptile costume.  He murders Jackson to get the snake duds, but Jack’s corpse and the bloody crime scene are discovered by the train conductor making his evening rounds.  The conductor goes to alert the rest of the crew, but when he comes back Kenny Hampson has a clean suit on, the mirror he used to kill Jack is repaired, and the whole room is clean as a whistle.  So what happened to Jackson’s corpse?  Our only indication of what might have happened to the remains of Jackson comes later, when Kenny crawls into a bunk with Mitchy.  Based on his new disguise, Mitchy mistakes Kenny for Jackson, and sees the train ride as their chance to “get to know each other better”, as this is the last time they would see each other.  Mitchy doesn’t know how right she is about that.  It’s interesting to note that prior to this Mitchy had a squeaky clean virginal character, she was involved in the prank that sent Kenny skidding into dementia, but it seemed like she didn’t know what Doc Manley really had in store with his armless corpse trick and her involvement appeared minimal.  She seemed to have more class than to play such a crass tasteless joke; a genuinely nice girl that fell in with a bunch of frat boy jerks.  I bet the same scenario plays out in the real world all the time.  In this scene however Mitchy attempts to seduce who she believes to be Jackson, someone who already has a girlfriend in their mutual circle of friends.  This tarnishes her character and thus opens her up to be a potential slasher victim.  After all, there’s only room on this train for one nubile goody-two-shoes final girl.  There are rules you know.   

So anyways when Kenny sees his opportunity in the bunk with Mitchy he rolls up his sleeve to reveal he’s been carrying around Jackson’s severed hand under the reptile glove.  Mitchy sees this just long enough to be utterly terrified and is quickly silenced by his blade.  I believe that Kenny may have the rest of Jackson’s body in the reptile suit.  I believe he’s good enough of a magician to make the illusion work, and he had plenty of time to clean when the conductor Carne ran back to the crew car to warn the others.  I think he also had time to cut up the poor sap into chunks big enough to fit in the snake outfit.  The idea works for me, and makes Kenny seem much more disturbed and morbid, so that’s what I choose to believe when I watch the scene.  He seemed proud of his ability to cut people up to pieces, like when he tells Alana at the end that he’s a better magician than Ken, because “He didn’t know how to cut a woman to pieces”.  I could imagine he might have stolen a few bodies from the mortuary for practice and time trial. 

The one costume Kenny doesn’t steal is Mo’s parrot suit, which could have been because of the public slaying and the risks involved, but I think that the parrot costume was specifically meant for Mo’s character and would not work for Kenny.  Alana accused Mo of blindly following Doc Manley’s lead, even at the cost of their relationship.  Mo is the follower, the tag along, and like a parrot, he imitates his best friend.  Kenny does not follow.  Not anymore, not after what they did to him.  He’s more of an individual, alas a psychopathic maniacal individual losing his very grip on reality, but an individual none the less, so I don’t think the whole parrot costume thing would not have been thematically appropriate for him. 

In the end Kenny finally gets his kiss, but it again sends his mind reeling into insanity, or does it?  I just don’t buy that Kenny lost it so thoroughly at the end after getting his much sought after kiss from Alana.  Too much careful planning and self control was involved in the rest of the night to lose it at the last minute.  Kenny had a chance to set-up the scene before Alana came to him, dressing as the conductor and such, but I believe he planted more things than we see.  And through seeming carelessness he leaves the freight door cracked open right where he decides to have his conniption fit, the same door that Carne smacks him out of with a shovel, causing him to fall to his apparent death.  But I don’t believe he died; just not buying it.  If he had time to setup the scene and place things where he wanted, like a good magician, I believe he planted items that would help him make his escape from the train, and what better escape than to make everyone believe you’re dead?  I have a theory that he placed something in the blankets and crap he had wrapped himself up in when appearing to lose his marbles in the same fashion he did during the beginning.  The blanket he wrapped himself in must have protected him in some way; maybe it was a thermal blanket or had some armor in it.  I think the drop hurt, he probably suffered some frost burn, but it was certainly live-able, especially in the wacky realm of the cinematastic.  Really what I’m saying is…why not a part 2!?